Information Technology Services (ITS)

ISC Education & Awareness Working Group

Terms of reference

  1. Foster communication, promote awareness and education about information security with the goal of reducing the risk of unauthorized or malicious compromise of data and services.
  2. Activities are focused on four audiences: faculty, students, technical staff and non-technical staff. Note, activities will be measured.
  3. Provide communications, education and awareness support, recommendations and expertise to information security council initiatives (and working groups).

Committee members

Alex Tichine Associate Director, Information Security & Enterprise Systems, Faculty of Engineering
Carrie Schmidt Senior Manager, ITS Education, Awareness & Culture
Cheryl Davison Manager, Information Projects
Kim Wells Senior Communications Officer, Education, Awareness & Culture, ITS
Daniel Ottini Deputy Director, Internal Audit
Will Campbell Digital Communications Specialist, HR
Hayley Fuller Communications & Change Manager, Central HR
Humberto Ferreira Director, Information Management, Division of University Advancement
John DiMarco Director IT, Department of Computer Science
Marden Paul Director, Planning, Governance and Assessment
Sotira Chrisanthidis Interim Director, Faculty of Arts and Science
Sue McGlashan Architect, Information Security
Carly Popenko Communications Coordinator, Education, Awareness & Culture, ITS
Kalyani Khati Associate Director, Information Security Strategic Initiatives