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The University of Toronto’s IT@UofT strategic plan focus and guide our efforts to support the University’s academic mission through information technology services, informing the vision, framework and initiatives, both within ITS and across the University for the next five years. Additionally, the strategic plan, directed by guiding principles, will provide a clear picture of and lead our IT investments in a rapidly evolving environment. In effect, this plan will shape IT@UofT.
Icons for IT@UofT People, IT@UofT Solutions and IT@UofT Collaboration.

IT@UofT Strategic Plan Annual Report (2020) new

The IT@UofT Strategic Plan Annual Report (2020) was released on Nov. 26, 2020. Review progress updates as they align with the IT@UofT strategic plan thematic pillars: People, Solutions and Collaboration.

The sudden shift in the higher education information technology (IT) landscape in response to the impacts of COVID-19 resulted in a monumental digital transformation and the acceleration of many of our initiatives. It also drove new priorities to the forefront. With the growing requirements for remote access to administrative and academic services, staff within Information Technology Services (ITS) and across the IT@UofT community continue to innovate and work together to meet evolving and diverse needs.

Collage of ITS team members from UTM, UTSC and UTSG

Facts and Figures new

All ITS units are tracking progress on more than 300 projects that together represent our collective advancement of priorities identified in our strategic plan. ITS unit leads received training on a new process to collect data and maintain project updates using the ServiceNow platform. Available data can now be analyzed by strategic pillar, three-year goals and individual initiatives to provide concrete reporting on our achievements to date. Metrics on key service offerings are also published regularly on the ITS website’s news section.

Visit the dashboard to view ITS initiative progress and learn about project pillars and objectives.

IT@UofT Strategic Plan (2019)

The plan has been created with the input of all staff within ITS and key stakeholders from the broader University of Toronto community, under the guidance of a highly engaged steering committee.

Staff seen around a table during stakeholder engagement meeting.

Community Engagement

Input of staff, partners and stakeholders has been critical to the development of the plan. Meetings and focus groups took place over an eight month period to gather valuable community feedback. The full process including milestones is outlined below.

Infographics new

This infographic illustrates how people across the tri-campus community live out the ITS core value of culture of learning year-round.

Infographics for ITS values - culture of learning

IT@UofT: update

  • April 14, 2021: ITS launches new IT@UofT Strategic Plan Delivery training
  • Nov. 26, 2020: IT@UofT Strategic Plan Annual Report released
  • July 27, 2020: ITS showcases ITS project tracking progress to EITU committee
  • May 15, 2020: ServiceNow tracking IT@UofT Strategic Plan Delivery-related projects



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