Information Technology Services (ITS)

New IT committees launching in early 2023

Published on: December 13, 2022

The Chief Information Officer is launching three new IT committees to gather broader input from senior administration and business leadership on high-level IT needs, plans and priorities across the University of Toronto.

Planned to launch in early 2023, these new committees will provide several key benefits such as helping to align IT activities with the IT@UofT strategic plan and the University’s mission and academic plan, identifying opportunities for collaboration and shared initiatives through two-way communication, and increasing the efficiency of decision-making. Existing committees will continue to operate as before.

The new committees are:

  • The IT@UofT Board – to advise the CIO and senior leadership on IT matters relating to policy, innovation, risk and benefits relating to IT investments.
  • The IT@UofT Business Board – to raise and discuss institutional and divisional needs, identify opportunities for collaboration and efficiencies, and consider the value yielded by U of T’s investment in applications and services.
  • The IT@UofT Service Management Board – to focus on the delivery of IT services, service standards, technical issues, opportunities for collaboration and potential efficiencies in service delivery. This committee will work in conjunction with current and future IT committees.

These committees will be comprised of senior representation from the University’s academic and administrative divisions. A new committee specific to single department faculties will also be created to add their perspectives.

“While there are committees and consultative bodies for many applications and services, we recognize that in our very decentralized community, there is a need for groups that have a high-level, institution-wide view of information technology deployment,” says Marden Paul, Director, Planning, Governance & Assessment.

The new IT committees align with the IT@UofT strategic plan and the Policy on Information Technology. They will bring additional perspectives to the University’s IT deployment, helping to inform IT leadership and the community on strategic issues, policy, imminent and future needs and the sustainable delivery of IT services.

“Information technologies have evolved into mission-critical tools for facilitating the academic, research and administrative functions of the University,” says Marden. “In this time of continuous change and workplace upheaval, our new committees will bring enhanced information sharing and create a forum for input from additional parties and perspectives.”

For those who are interested in getting involved, there will be future opportunities to join related working groups.

If you have any questions about the new IT committees, please reach out to Marden Paul