Information Technology Services (ITS)

Planning, Governance & Assessment (PGA)

Planning, Governance and Assessment (PGA) provides tactical and strategic planning for administrative and academic computing solutions.

Areas of focus include the development of policies, guidelines and practices associated with the delivery of Information Technology Services (ITS).

The unit facilitates and monitors the ITS governance model and is responsible for recommending changes and enhancements to IT governance structures and methods.

PGA fosters special partnerships with other educational institutions, technology vendors, industry, government offices and non-government organizations.

PGA is involved in promoting assessment activities within the University community and for managing and promoting external IT assessment with organizations such as Educause, Gartner Research and CUCCIO. Examples of IT assessment include the annual Educause core data survey, ITS Uniforum contributions, coordinating the annual IT input to the institutional risk assessment report.

New and noteworthy is the proposed participation in the Educause student and faculty technology research study intended to gather insights into the community experiences with our academic and administrative technologies.

PGA takes a lead role in managing the Gartner Research relationship and promoting the broad and active use of these resources for supporting technology decision making and IT professional development.

Key Responsibilities:

  • ITS governance and relationship to IT@UofT Strategic Plan
  • IT internal and external assessment
  • Policy and guideline development, review and update