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World-class Gartner IT research and reports now available

University of Toronto IT professionals, staff, faculty and students may now access Gartner IT research and reports – a valuable resource from a global IT research leader.

Gartner research is used by many universities, as well as Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies. Gain insights and up-to-the-minute information from 1,200 research analysts and consultants. More than 100,000 research documents are now at your fingertips. And it’s free for you! Go to and use your university ID and password to login.

Discover a wealth of current and accurate IT information, including:

  • the latest trends in information technology
  • security and risk management
  • approaches to information technology governance
  • monitoring and assessing IT maturity
  • change management practices
  • enterprise architecture
  • business intelligence and information management
  • business process improvement
  • program and portfolio management

This new information technology resource aligns with the ITS core value that nurtures a culture of learning and continuous professional development.

Learn more about Gartner Technical Professionals Resources.

Benefits to students, faculty and staff

Looking for meaningful market analysis, the latest hype cycles and magic quadrants or to understand complex IT issues? You’ll find relevant insights, advice, and toolkits in the Gartner research collection, whether you’re an IT professional, student, faculty member or staff.


  • Gather advice and evidence in support of technology-related planning.
  • Learn about and analyze industry trends and explore best practices.
  • Use the Gartner resources to develop a common business language around provisioning information technology.


  • Discover real-world case studies, trends and opinions.
  • Understand and stay current with new technologies and tools.
  • Obtain validation and research for dissertations.


  • Plan courses that are relevant and innovative for business and IT.
  • Keep up-to-date with the quickly changing IT industry.
  • Access trusted data to enrich classroom discussions and case-studies, and offer materials that can complement lectures and seminars.

Access for IT leaders, technical professionals and university community

University IT leaders, technical professionals and the university community (students, faculty and staff) enjoy different levels of access to Gartner resources.

Here are the three groups and highlights of the resources you can access:

Gartner IT leaders-advisors at U of T

While most Gartner research materials are accessible from the portal, additional services such as technical advisor calls and contract reviews must be coordinated through our primary Gartner contacts.

If you seek additional information or services from Gartner, please contact any of the people below:

  • Marden Paul, Director, Planning, Governance and Assessment, 416-946-0440
  • Anthony Betts, Director, UTM Information & Instructional Technology Services, 905-569-4300
  • Ravneet Kaur, Director, Strategy & Business Transformation, UTSC Information & Instructional Technology Services, O: 416-208-2903, C: 647-924-1600
  • Sian Meikle, Director, Library Information Technology Services, 416-978-7649
  • Sotira Chrisanthidis, Director, Information and Instructional Technology, Faculty of Arts & Science, 416-407-4120

The primary contacts have:

  • Unlimited access to full Gartner IT leaders’ research database (core research, role-specific IT research, tools and toolkits).
  • Unlimited access to Gartner IT experts for 30-minute inquiries (e.g., contract review, negotiation strategy, general best practices, market/vendor overview, RFP review, strategy review, technology evaluation, policy review, project roadmap discussion and board presentation review).
  • Gartner peer insights (covering entire IT lifecycle and separate Gartner portal for firsthand experiences/reviews from IT professionals providing ratings and advice on IT solutions).

Gartner for technical professionals at U of T (IT-wide access)

  • Enables IT staff across the U of T to have unlimited access to Gartner’s technical professionals’ research content.
  • Unlimited access to all IT staff for direct conversations with Gartner’s team of 100+ technical professional experts for 60-minute inquiry.
  • Gartner peer insights (covering entire IT lifecycle and separate Gartner portal for firsthand experiences/reviews from IT professionals providing ratings and advice on IT solutions).

Gartner campus access for higher education (entire U of T community)

  • Unlimited access for U of T students, faculty and staff to Gartner’s extensive core research database.

Easy to access and available 24/7!

IT leaders-advisors at U of T

U of T technical professionals and university community (students, faculty, staff)

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Contact information

Gartner contacts: