Response, recovery, reset

This annual progress report highlights the work and achievements of University of Toronto’s (U of T) Information Technology Services (ITS) and our collaborative efforts with unit and divisional partners for the period of September 2020 to August 2021. It features key projects that advance our current strategic initiatives and support our core values. Despite the exceptional challenges we have faced, together with the IT@UofT community, our progress continues.

Pandemic response

We have been called upon to exercise agility in supporting the evolving teaching, learning, administrative and research needs of U of T as we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the University community prepares for re-entry to a hybrid workplace, we are prepared to support this new transition through:

  • COVID-19 response
  • Workplace support
  • Protecting individuals from security threats
  • Online tools for IT service access and information
  • Ongoing support for COVID-19 remote/online learning requirements
  • Access to data and cloud storage
Information Security TeamIT@UofT: People, solutions, collaboration

Accomplishments from September 2020 – August 2021


  • 75 sessions
  • 4,720 attendees
  • Over 600 newsletter subscribers


  • 77.2 per cent of appointed staff enrolled
  • 19.6 per cent of appointed faculty enrolled


  • Total shells activated: 17,144
  • Total learning content added: 40.1 TB


The pilot has graduated to an enterprise offering, serving 11,400 envelopes across eight departments at the University.

EVE management system

There were 368 events hosted via EVE. This is a 24.7 per cent increase from 295 events during the same period the year prior.

IT@UofT three-year goals:

Enable a secure computing environment and protected management of information.
Leverage alternative service delivery models that can deliver enhanced security, increased agility, improved return on investment (ROI) and more flexible solutions.
Leverage shared infrastructure and technologies supporting research.

Pandemic recovery

While the community looks forward to the opportunity to return to campus, ongoing reliance on increased remote work options is also anticipated. We have addressed this anticipation through:

  • Tools and resources for return to campus
  • Information security for the institution
  • Strengthening administrative infrastructure
  • Community engagement
  • Emergent needs for digital teaching, learning and research
  • Network and data infrastructure
  • Enhancing research capacity

Value to the community:

As we ride the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and get ready to return to campus, IT staff focus on ensuring that both remote and on-campus community members are supported in with tools and resources that leverage use of digital workflows and processes effectively and efficiently.

Reset to prepare for the future

We aim to take lessons learned from our emergency pivot to remote work and study, and apply it to planning for improvement of services or leapfrogging to new digitally enabled models. Initiatives currently on the horizon include the following:

  • Continue implementation of the Student Success Hub
  • Modernize current AMS financial operations
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • My Research Applications and Agreements System
  • Introduce Azure for Research
  • Connect+Learn training
  • Learning analytics infrastructure

Value to the community:

We have our eye on the future with plans to leverage what we have learned through our COVID-19 experiences to ensure that the University of Toronto is a leader in enabling use of information technology to support teaching and learning and research for a changed and changing world.

Collage of ITS employees.

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