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ServiceNow (ESC) to replace Jira effective Sept. 21, 2023

Published on: August 14, 2023


The Systems & Solutions Group (SSG) currently receives work requests via 11 intake methods across Teams, Outlook email, phone, Jira and ServiceNow (ESC). This results in SSG support staff and management duplicating work, and frustration for clients and partners due to slow response times. In addition, Jira licenses for ITS are set to expire in 2024.


SSG is seeking to reduce duplication, improve responsiveness and comply with ITS’ directive to migrate to ESC for incident management of all work requests.

ESC migration project

The goal of the ESC migration project is to reduce manual workflows and implement ESC as an industry-standard electronic ticketing solution on behalf of SSG.


Sept. 21, 2023:

ESC will go live as the primary intake method for all SSG work requests. As of this date, SSG will welcome work requests via:

  1. Catalogue requests for service requests (i.e., “Please add CPUs to my server.”)
  2. Get help requests for break/fix requests (i.e., “I got this error message!”)
  3. Email to for information requests (i.e., “Do you do firewalls?”)

Dec. 1, 2023:

Jira and current SSG shared emails will be archived as read-only. As of this date, SSG will cease regular monitoring of the following:

  1. Jira
  2. Systems Infrastructure email:
  3. Windows Systems Support email:
  4. Systems Infrastructure Info email:


SSG will provide training to clients and partners on our ESC intake methods between Sept. 1 and Sept. 21, 2023. We will reach out again at the end of August with more details.

We look forward to welcoming you to ESC!

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