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ServiceNow (ESC) – User guides

Published on: September 13, 2023

ESC migration project

The goal of the ServiceNow (ESC) migration project is to reduce manual workflows and implement ESC as an industry-standard electronic ticketing solution on behalf of the Systems & Solutions Group (SSG).

We wish to offer additional resources and address some of your questions ahead of our ESC migration on Sept. 21.

User guides

With a busy September in full swing, we have elected to provide user guides rather than trainings to facilitate our shared work in ESC. ESC offers different user portals based on whether you make requests only (requester), or you also have a fulfiller license (fulfiller). Many SSG clients and partners fall into both groups, so we have created the following user guides to help you decide the best way to reach out to us.

User guides: Requester & fulfiller

Your questions

We are fielding important questions from our partners and clients about the migration. We offer answers below and invite you to continue sharing your thoughts.

Q: What will happen to Jira “work in progress” ?

A: For current “work in progress” in Jira, SSG will action these tickets as follows:

  • Expected completion date before Sept. 21: The ticket will be completed in Jira.
  • Expected completion date after Sept. 21: A new ticket will be created in ESC with the Jira number in the description for shared reference.

Timeline – Updated

Sept. 20, 2023:

  • Jira “work in progress” will be transcribed into ESC incidents.
  • Jira # in description and requester added as “caller”.

Sept. 21, 2023:

  • ESC will go live as the primary intake method for all SSG work requests.
  • As of this date, SSG will continue to monitor Jira and ESC.
  • As of this date, SSG will cease to monitor the following:
    1. Systems Infrastructure email:
    2. Windows Systems Support email:
    3. Systems Infrastructure Info email:

Dec. 1, 2023:

  • Jira and current SSG shared emails will be archived as read-only.
  • As of this date, SSG will cease regular monitoring of the following:
    1. Jira

We look forward to welcoming you to ESC!