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Court Van Beek achieves Salesforce Administrator certification

Published on: October 25, 2023

Salesforce administrator certification logoThe Salesforce Administrator credential is designed for individuals who possess hands-on experience with Salesforce applications from both the end user and administrative standpoint. This certification validates their ability to effectively manage a Salesforce organization, address common business requirements and perform administrative functions using the latest Salesforce features.

Congratulations to Court Van Beek, Program & Team Lead, Salesforce Student Advising Service, EASI, for achieving his Salesforce Administrator certification this past September. Court’s journey with the platform began earlier this year during the implementation of Salesforce for the Student Advising Service project. Since then, he has dedicated time on the Salesforce Trailhead training website, earning an impressive 103 badges, accumulating over 50,000 points, completing 11 different trails and earning the rank of ‘Ranger’. To prepare for the final exam, Court also completed a comprehensive prep course, which involved modules, videos and practice tests to cover a wide range of content related to various Salesforce products.

The final step to earn the certification is a 105-minute proctored examination, covering seven different objectives. Court wrote the exam in San Francisco alongside many others at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference.

“Achieving the certification was a big milestone for me and for EASI’s Student Advising Service project,” explains Court. “While we have had support from Salesforce during our self-implementation process, our goal is to have a dedicated Salesforce team that can not only maintain our Salesforce implementation but also enhance the functionality of the product while expanding to additional divisions across the University. I am looking forward to helping additional members of our team also work towards their certification, while also working towards my own Advanced Administrator certification.”

Prior to delving deeply into the Salesforce platform in preparation for the exam, Court’s experience with Salesforce, as a result of the SAS project, primarily focused on the Education offerings. To complete the certification process, he also had to master the other core products and areas, such as sales and marketing.

With this breadth of knowledge on the platform, Court is poised to effectively lead his team on the Salesforce platform.

“Court’s completion of the Salesforce Administrator certification is a major accomplishment and milestone,” remarks Paul Day, Manager, Core System Products, Student Information Systems, EASI. “The Salesforce platform is growing into one of the University’s cornerstone enterprise applications and by expanding his skillset he’s ensuring the SAS team will be able to continue to enhance and grow the platform across the University. This certification will be invaluable to the SAS team and EASI and will result in an overall better experience for administrators and students using the service.”

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