Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS staff take home Excellence Through Innovation Awards

Published on: February 23, 2024

For nearly 20 years, the Excellence Through Innovation Award program has recognized exemplary administrative staff and librarians across the University of Toronto tri-campus community. This year, over 300 individuals, including numerous ITS staff, were recognized for their contributions to the University’s mission.

Congratulations to the ITS teams and staff who were recognized in the 2023-2024 ETIA program for these innovative projects:

EASI-PSEC Wellness Pilot

Recognized for launching a Wellness Pilot Program that provided managers and staff with curated sets of well-being materials to encourage an improved employee experience.

ITS team members involved: Vikram Chadalawada, Aline Pruvot, Dana Pogaceanu, Jimmy Au, Justin Charlick, Mariana Vardaei and Vicki Vokas

Inclusive Language Working Group

Recognized for expanding engagement and raising awareness about the importance of intentional inclusivity within information technology across the University.

Intellectual Property Education Program

Recognized for fostering community connections by developing content and forming private and provincial government partnerships, improving understanding of Intellectual Property rights.

ITS team members involved: Laurie Harrison and William Heikoop

Rocket Shuttle Migration project

Recognized for successfully and seamlessly migrating over 250 Rocket Shuttle users to new data-serving tools, saving the University in licensing fees and ensuring more secure data storage and robust reporting.

ITS team members involved: Alim Lalani, Amy Li, Bruce Zhu, David Wang, Dmytro Larichiev, Joanne Sukhai, Katie Babcock, Moulika Ranikunta, Pierre Hanna, Rodney Branch, Tammy Chan and Titus Hsu

Student Advising Service

Recognized for transforming student advising services by creating a foundational enterprise system capable of enhancing student and staff needs and experiences at the University.

ITS team members involved: Court Van Beek, David Wang, Elicia Wilkinson, Frank Boshoff, Kelly Jay and Zoe Wong

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