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Expert panel provides recommendations to improve cyber security for Ontarians

Published on: October 26, 2022

Understanding the need for improved cyber resilience, the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery established a cyber security expert panel in 2020 to identify cyber security challenges across the Broader Public Sector (BPS) and to support Ontarians to be more cyber resilient.

The panel has published their final report containing key findings and recommendations for BPS organizations to strengthen the province’s cyber security system and better protect Ontarians. The report provides guidance for municipalities and sectors such as healthcare and education to mitigate future cyber attacks.

The panel consisted of ten cyber security experts including U of T’s Chief Information Security Officer, Isaac Straley.

“Cyber security is becoming an increasingly critical consideration for establishing well-grounded, resilient and accessible digital services, especially in the public sector,” says Straley. “I am honoured to be a part of the expert panel to help assess the current state of cyber security in organizations across the Ontario BPS and provide recommendations to build a secure cyber ecosystem for the public.”

The recommendations outlined in the cyber security expert panel report focus on four key themes:

  • Reinforce governance structures to enable effective cyber security risk management across the public sector.
  • Continue to improve cyber security awareness and training initiatives.
  • Expand communication between BPS organizations to share information related to cyber security.
  • Cross-sector collaboration to better mitigate cyber attacks.

The panel believes that successful implementation of these recommendations will help foster a strong cyber security landscape and support the province’s economic growth.

“Cross-sector collaboration across BPS will provide significant opportunities to secure our digital future. It is time that we become proactive to mitigate potential cyber risks,” continued Straley.

Learn more or download the full report (PDF) to learn more about the expert panel’s findings and recommendations.

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