Information Technology Services (ITS)

eToken to be retired from Weblogin on March 3

Published on: February 17, 2022

eTokens will no longer function on Weblogin as of March 3, 2022. After this date, users can authenticate with UTORMFA instead.

During the eToken Migration Project, eToken authentication for high-security applications that used AdminVPN, including Administrative Management System (AMS), Repository of Student Information (ROSI), ROSI Files, Rocket Shuttle, StarRez and Unit VPNs, transitioned to UTORMFA.

UTORMFA, powered by DUO, is a software-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) method that authenticates logins via prompts sent to a user’s phone. This authentication method is secure, easy-to-use and quick to set up. UTORMFA has already been adopted by over 12,000 University of Toronto (U of T) community members.

To avoid disruptions at the beginning of March, eToken users should sign up for UTORMFA today!

eToken collection

eToken users should return their tokens to their eToken administrator before March 31, 2022. eToken administrators will then forward them to Information Security for secure disposal.

Remote Desktop Gateway

eToken authentication will continue to be available for Remote Desktop Gateway users until an appropriate alternative can be implemented.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signature with eToken will still be available for some time. If you are using eToken for electronic signing, please consult the Electronic Signature Competency Centre for alternative solutions.

For more information about the eToken migration, visit the eToken migration project website.

To learn more about UTORMFA visit the UTORMFA project website.