Information Technology Services (ITS)

Toolbox End-User Support Team (T.E.S.T.)


The Toolbox End-User Support Team (T.E.S.T) is a tri-campus forum for providers of campus / division- level support of Quercus tools. T.E.S.T liaises with ACT and provides updates to each member’s individual constituencies


  • Build community across the tri-campus Quercus support teams
  • Identify / promote best practices in the use of Quercus tools to support learning / teaching
  • Discuss key Quercus related operational support issues and questions
  • Discuss information about upcoming updates, planned downtimes, and planned changes in functionality or the operation of tools, or services under consideration
  • Convey relevant information back to each member’s divisional constituencies


T.E.S.T. will normally convene weekly using video or teleconference (to be determined by team).

Meetings will follow a regular agenda of items for discussion including:

  1.  System Status (unplanned outages, service interruptions that have occurred, planned updates)
  2. Issues 1 (e.g., any issues or problems that have arisen during the week that may need to be discussed)
  3. Changes/Planning/Updates (i.e., Planned, Emergency, Major Changes (Version Upgrades, Database changes)
  4. Training/Documentation/Communications
  5. Other Items / Questions
  6. Building blocks, new LTI integrations, new projects that impact Quercus – information sharing and updates 2

1 This is not a forum for discussion of specific tickets rather the larger issue that may be behind tickets

2 Discussion of Academic Toolbox Projects at this forum does not replace A.C.T.’s communications to the broader community


Members are drawn from Divisional educational technology/Quercus support teams.

The Chair role will rotate annually between the Divisions. The role of the Chair is to:

  • Act as Key contact for the Team ensuring appropriate referrals to divisional contacts or ACT
  • Lead the weekly/bi-weekly video-conference
  • Ensure video conferencing instructions are established and work
  • Open meeting / Close meeting
  • Set and maintain the meeting agenda
  • Ensure minutes of the meetings are made available within 48 hours of the meeting

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