Information Technology Services (ITS)

Student e-Communications Consultation

Please note that ITS has launched a special project website for Student e-Communications.  Please refer to this website for all up to date project information, details about the new services, tutorials, FAQs and much more.  Thank you.

In November 2009, the CIO initiated community consultation to identify student needs and solutions for email and other institutionally-provided e-communications services.   Periodic updates and recommendations can be found on the official project website .

Terms of Reference & Membership

Please refer to the PDAD&C Memo published November 19, 2009. 

Terms of Reference:

  • To review the range and adequacy of current University services that support the e-communication needs of students.
  • To recommend to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) future directions for student e-communications services that reflect changing academic and co-curricular needs, enhanced student experience, and fiscal priorities.
  • To identify concerns and obligations in matters such as the protection of privacy and information security that must be addressed in determining provisioning arrangements.
  • To recommend to the CIO the way in which student e-communications services should be provided; that is, which should be University–operated, which University-facilitated, and which left to personal arrangement by individual students?

Meeting Dates:

  • November 30, 2009
  • January 13, 2010
  • January 18, 2010
  • January 25, 2010


The following individuals have generously offered to participate in the consultation:
  • Sarah Ahmed, Student, UTM
  • Arif Anwar, Student, OISE
  • Christine Arsenault, Director, Department of Management Co-Op Program, UTSC
  • Michelle Cortes, Strategic Communications
  • Deanne Fisher, Director, Office of Student Life, St. George Campus
  • Clare Hasenkampf, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, UTSC
  • Kelly Jay, Communications, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Rochelle Mazar, Emerging Technologies Librarian, UTM
  • Chris McGrath, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, UTM
  • Akash Patel, Student, Faculty of Medicine
  • Maryann Raby, Student, UTSC
  • Seamus Ross, Dean, iSchool
  • Elizabeth Smyth, Vice-Dean, School of Graduate Studies (Chair of the Committee)
  • Kim Stymest, Student, Information Studies
  • Cynthia Yao, Student, Trinity College
  • Martin Loeffler, Director, Information Security, Information + Technology Services (ITS)
  • Alex Nishri, Manager, Email & Web Services, ITS
  • Marden Paul, Director of Planning, Governance & Assessment, ITS
  • Paul Ruppert, Director of Integrated Client Services, ITS