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Enterprise IT Update Committee (EITU)

Terms of Reference

Committee Purpose

The EITU is intended to serve as a vehicle for campus, college, and faculty IT leadership to learn about enterprise-specific IT initiatives and to obtain updates from ITS leadership on the status of these major initiatives.

The meeting is an opportunity for community feedback into the initiatives and an opportunity to gather additional information about current and future plans and aspirations.

Committee members are expected to share information with members of their units.

Committee Membership

Representation is to be at the higher levels of campus, college, and faculty IT leadership.

  • Single department faculties will have one representative.
  • Multiple department faculties will have additional representatives from larger IT units within the faculty.
  • Colleges will have one representative.
  • Campuses will have representation from their central IT and from their key IT-related units (e.g. Registrar, Library).
  • Institutional services with IT units will have representation (e.g. Libraries, Research Services, Facilities and Services, Procurement, Space Management).

ITS Representation

The meeting is a forum for ITS units to advise the membership of significant initiatives. ITS portfolio representation will be determined by agenda items.

The committee will be chaired by the director, PGA.

Agenda Development

The agenda will be issued seven (7) days prior to meeting and will be developed in co-ordination with ITS directors and the CIO.


Notes of the meetings will be prepared and published to a committee website or Office 365 Team site.

Notes will be publicly available.

Meeting Frequency

The committee will meet three (3) times per year.

Membership Listing

Glenn Attwood Manager, Networking & Telecommunications UTSC
Don Banh Coordinator, Information Technology Service New College
Maxim Batourine Director of Technology Services Faculty of Architecture
John-Carlos BEST Client Support U11 Office of Information & Instructional Technology
Steven Boyle Director, Operations & Information Tech School of Continuing Studies
Steven Butterworth Pcs Manager Dept. of Physics
Sam Chan Director Faculty of Medicine
Jim Charters App Prog/Anal Dept. of Earth Science
Sotira Chrisanthidis Interim Director FA&S
Philip Cottrell Coordinator, IT Services Woodsworth College
Corey Dales Director, Information Technology SGS
Jason Daye Information Technology Coordinator Innis College
Curtis Debi Client Support Analyst Faculty of Information
Caroline De Angelis IT Advisor & Project Manager Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Ray deSouza Bursar Victoria University
John Di Marco Director of Information Technology Dept of Computer Science
John Dubinski Computing Facilities Supervisor CITA
Cathy Eberts Director, Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI) ITS
Andrew Egan Manager, Web & Digital Technology UTSC IITS
Humberto Ferreira Director, Information Management Advancement
James Fiege Manager, Info & Instructional Tech Service Faculty of Dentistry
Hayley Fuller Project & Change Consultant HR
Grace Flock CAO Dept. of Chemistry
Ab Gehani Manager, Client Services UTSC IITS
Eva Gladish CAO Faculty of Social Work
Adrian Gomes Information Systems Administrator Dalla Lana School of Public Health
John Harper Manager, Systems UTSC IITS
Laurie Harrison Director, Online Learning Strategies (OLS) ITS
Nathan Harrison Product Delivery Lead FA&S
Dan Hill Director, Technology Services Faculty of Law
Patrick Hopewell Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) ITS
Kevin Howey Assistant Dean, Operations Faculty of Music
Avi Hyman Director, Academic and Collaborative Technologies (ACT) ITS
Ravneet Kaur Manager PMO, UTSC
Asif Khan Service and Technology Delivery Lead FA&S
Tatiana Kosikova Administrative Director Communication
Julia Kraveca Director, Information Technology OISE Education Commons
John Latremouille Director, Information Technology Services Rotman
Simone Laughton Librarian UTM Library
Brett Lavoie Assoc. Registrar Enrolment, Sched/Systems University College
Lareza Lazuardi Sr Manager, Applications & Development FA&S
Emile Leblanc Computer Systems Manager Dept. of Mathematics
Sam Lipounov Director, Technology Services Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Pascal Loucadellis PGA&C
Alejandro Lynch Senior Application Developer FA&S
Ryan MacDonald IT Coordinator Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ivana MacIsaac IT Manager Victoria University
John Richard Manalo Information Technology Administrator Dept. of Sociology
Michael Markovich Research Operation Coordinator Dept of Psychology
Sinisa Markovic Associate Registrar Admission and Awards
Denis Mascarin IT Manager School of Continuing Studies
Diana Medeiros Manager, Product & Delivery Services FA&S
Cesar Mejia Assoc. Registrar Enrolment, Sched/Systems UTM
Sian Meikle Director, Library Info. Tech. Services LIBRARY – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES
Paul Morrison Director of Information Technology and Multimedia Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Priya Murugaiah Manager, Infrastructure Office of Information & Instructional Technology, FAS
Rosanna O’Higgins Senior Manager, Client Services FA&S
Daniel Ottini Deputy Director Internal Audit
Marden Paul – Chair Director, Planning Governance, Assessment and Communications (PGA&C) ITS
Kyle Petersen Systems Administrator – Desktop Solutions I&ITS, UTSC
Dan Pettigrew Dir. Adm Sys & Assoc Registr, Info System/td>

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Zoran Piljevic Director of IITS UTSC
Phil G Poulos Director, Eng. Computing Facility Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Jaro Pristupa Director, Information Technology Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sergio Santilli Manager, Applications Development, IITS UTSC
Carrie Schmidt Senior Manager, Education and Awareness (Communications) ITS
Barry St Denis Administrative Information & Communication Technologist Faculty of Nursing
Isaac Straley CISO IS, ITS
Rouben Tchakhmakhtchian Manager, Chemistry Information Technology Services Dept of Chemistry
Marian Tesfamichael Senior Application Developer FA&S
Alex Tichine Associate Director, Info Security & Ent Systems Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Adam Trent Director, Information & Learning Technology Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Court Van Beek Product Delivery Lead FA&S
Gilbert Verghese Information and Technology Services
Trinity College
Vicki Vokas Senior Manager PGA&C – ITS
Daniel Webster Manager, Information Technology SCS
Dermot Whelan Syst Admin & Lab Mngr Dept of Statistical Sciences
Alicja Wigglesworth LMS Project Manager FA&S
Mike Wiseman Interim Director, Information Security Enterprise Architecture (ISEA) ITS
Hugh Zhao IT Manager Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics