Information Technology Services (ITS)

Your IT Checklist

Published on: September 15, 2015

Your IT Checklist
Whether you are a new student or returning, it’s important to become familiar with the essential IT services that will make it easier to navigate your academic life. Information Technology Services has prepared a handy IT Checklist for all students.

The IT Checklist:

  1. Setup UofT Wireless to stay connected while on campus.
  2. Setup UTmail+ email on your computer(s) and mobile device(s) for easy access to email, calendar and Office 365!
  3. Setup your UTORid password recovery options to ensure you can easily reset your UTORid password via SMS or alternate email.
  4. Get familiar with your campus Help Desks for support with IT services on campus.
  5. Explore ACORN and the available student web services such as the Degree Explorer, Course Finder and easy online Course Evaluations!
  6. Explore The Portal, your one stop shop for your course materials.
  7. Visit the UofT Map.
  8. Bookmark the ITS  System Status Panel for up to date system information.


The previously advertised IT Checklist Contest for UTSU Festival, September 15, 2015 closed on October 2, 2015.