Information Technology Services (ITS)

Your email attachments

Published on: August 3, 2016

Information Technology Services has the existing practice of adding -utCAUTION! to .zip email attachments coming from outside of the University to U of T email. This practice is in place to provide users with a warning in the event the file is malicious and to allow users to take pause before opening an unknown or unwelcome attachment. This is a common practice to decrease the chances of malware being automatically installed via email attachment downloads.

This same practice has now been added to new filenames. As of July 29th, 2016, mail coming in from outside the university, with attachment filenames *.docm, *.xlsm, and *.pptm, will be renamed by appending -utCAUTION!

In order to open the file, the user will have to rename the file by removing the appending -utCAUTION!. 

Information Technology Services advises users to only open email attachments if they are specifically expecting them within the context of the message or work related operations. If the attachment is suspicious or unexpected, it is best to compose a new email to the sender and verify what they have attached and for what purpose.