Information Technology Services (ITS)

UofT Phishing Alert “Utoronto Update”

Published on: May 25, 2016


A phishing email as been brought to our attention that is posing as a “webmail” / “UTORexchange” email from the University of Toronto. Please see the image below of the phish transcript:

Utoronto update phishing email

Also see an example of a similar phishing message:


If you receive an email of this nature, please report it to its[at] or security.admin[at] and mark as junk right away. Do not click any of the links in the email. In the first case, although many of the links are copied from legitimate UofT sites, the “Click here” hyperlink takes victims to a phishing website.

Please remember that UofT will never email you about increasing the quota limit of your UTORexchange or UTmail+ account (although automated quota messages may be sent to users on the UTORmail server from help.desk[at] and will not request personal information over email. For more information about fraudulent email, please see this helpful guide on the Information Commons website: