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U of T and IMS Global

Published on: August 17, 2015

University of Toronto Becomes a Contributing Member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Deepens Commitment to Education Technology Best Practices

Toronto, Ontario

By: Tamara Adizes Jacobs

University of Toronto is pleased to announce that it has joined the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) as a Contributing Member to access and contribute to the valuable resources for development of interoperability standards for academic technologies.

“We have been following the work of IMS, and quietly adopting their standards for learning technologies for the last few years, by actually joining the Consortium, we will be able to leverage a large repository of resources and people to help us keep moving forward,” said Dr. Avi Hyman, UofT’s Director of Academic and Collaborative Technologies.

IMS offers a variety of valuable resources and specifications such as Learning Tool Interoperability® (LTI®), a standard for integration of rich learning applications with learning management platforms and portals. As a Contributing Member, U of T will have one vote on the IMS Global Technical Advisory Board, have the ability to nominate and elect members of the Board of Directors, gain access to training and support materials for implementing IMS and related standards, and collaborate with other members to accelerate adoption of a standards based ecosystem.

“This is especially important now, as we move into high gear with our Academic Toolbox Renewal <>, ensuring that we, as educators and researchers, are in control of educational technology best practices,” added Hyman. “The IMS standards, like LTI, Question & Test Interoperability®(QTI®), Caliper Analytics™, and Community App Store Architecture (CASA), are important criteria for education in general, and UofT in particular.”

“The University of Toronto commitment to open standards as a best practice for improving the teaching and learning experience is to be applauded, and we are pleased to have their leadership as a Contributing Member to advocate for and accelerate the adoption of an open edtech ecosystem.” said Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer of IMS Global Learning Consortium.

About University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada serves more than 85,000 students across three campuses. It offers more than 700 undergraduate, 215 graduate, and 63 professional programs.

About IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global)

IMS Global is a nonprofit organization that advances technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation and attainment. IMS members are leading suppliers, institutions and government organizations that are enabling the future of education by collaborating on interoperability and adoption initiatives. IMS sponsors the Learning Impact Leadership Institute, a global program focused on recognizing the impact of innovative technology on educational access, affordability, and quality while developing the people and ideas that are going to help shape the future of educational technology.