Information Technology Services (ITS)

Toolbox Renewal Initiative

Published on: October 24, 2014

This coming year represents a unique opportunity for the University of Toronto. The licenses for all of our enterprise (university-wide) educational technologies come up for renewal and reconsideration. This includes services like the Portal, lecture capture solutions and so on. We’ve just launched an Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative website which is meant to facilitate community participation in the renewal process.

Please feel free to view and share the URL:

On that website you will find a feedback form that you, and members of the community, can use to provide us with your thoughts about academic technologies and standards at U of T. We strongly encourage the community members to read the ABOUT THIS INITIATIVE section of the site first.

Avi Hyman, the Director of Academic and Collaborative Technologies, would be happy to visit with the members of the community and various teams to talk about the renewal.

To book a visit, please contact:

Shannonn Kelly, Project Manager for the renewal process