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Spam in your Inbox? Here are four ways to manage it.

Published on: July 14, 2017

Monthly Tech Tip - Fight Spam

  1. Adjust your spam filter settings

    If a lot of spam is making it through to your inbox, your spam filter settings might be too low.  To adjust your filter settings, follow the instructions listed in the Information Commons Knowledgebase here:

  2. Filter messages for specific keywords

    Occasionally in spam messages, there are keywords that would not be included in any messages you would normally receive. In those cases, if you are continually receiving spam messages with those terms in your inbox, filtering out all messages with those key words might help:

  3. Move unwanted messaged to junk folder and “Block Sender”

    In Outlook, select the message and then click on the “Junk” button in the top navigation ribbon, from there you can also select the “Block Sender” option, for cases where you no longer wish to receive messages from the sender:

  4. Report your spam

    We work with Sophos PureMessage to filter out spam, but the filters won’t catch everything. One way to help improve filtering for everyone is to submit any spam messages you receive to Sophos directly: