Information Technology Services (ITS)

September Monthly Tech Tip

Published on: September 12, 2016

Keep Your Desktop and Hard Drive Free of Clutter

If your desktop looks like a tabletop with scattered puzzle pieces everywhere, then it’s time to clean things up a bit. Not only does a cluttered desktop make things harder to find, which impacts your productivity, but it can significantly slow down your computer.

We recommend to always keep a tidy and clean desktop by organizing things into appropriately labeled folders on your hard drive.  Delete files you do not need, or old versions of documents which are no longer relevant. This will make things easy to find leaving you with a lot more time to dedicate to productive tasks. Once you’ve organized your desktop, transfer the same method to your physical files. The easier it is to find what you’re looking for, the less time you’ll spend frustrated waiting for your computer to start or looking for files.

Pro-tip: Schedule a reoccurring one hour a month in your calendar to organize any files lingering on your desktop into appropriate folders.