Information Technology Services (ITS)

Rewiring Project at Simcoe Hall

Published on: January 25, 2017

Executing work quietly without fanfare happens a lot at Information Technology Services. We work behind the scenes to make sure our infrastructure and services continue to operate well. Some of the work includes doing tedious rewiring and organizing to provide our technicians with easy access to essential equipment that needs quick repair or adjustment.

One example of this work is in the image above: ITS’ Client Services Support Team led by Ivan Sestak took on a winter break project to work with a vendor to rewire Simcoe Hall’s network closet and tidy up the space to enable efficient network service management. Here is the before and after photo. Anyone who enjoys a well organized space, rejoice!

Thank you to the Client Services Support team for taking the time over the winter break to take care of this important behind the scenes project!