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NGSIS talks mobile with students

Originally Written by Lauren Furman on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 for the NGSIS Blog

Getting Things Done on Mobile: Student Expectations and Current Experience

As part of our user-centred design methodology, our projects typically begin with formative research on the needs and frustrations of U of T students, staff and faculty as they use a particular U of T system or online service. This research helps focus the scope of our work by informing us of unmet basic user needs, existing features or services requiring enhancement and important emerging use cases.

The following infographic was prepared using some of the findings we gathered from a 2013 survey of students on their mobile device usage and their expectations for mobile-compatible services at U of T. As always, we encourage you to share this information and contact us to discuss it further – with suggestions from a user perspective if you have a specific feature idea, or if you’re part of another group interested in conducting research on user behaviour and mobile-compatibile services here at the University of Toronto.