Information Technology Services (ITS)

2015 Year in Review & What’s Next in 2016

Published on: February 4, 2016

Next Generation Student Information Services’s (NGSIS) interdisciplinary team continues with its mission to modernize UofT‘s online student services. In a recent blog post, NGSIS reviews the highlights and looks ahead at key projects under the 2016-2018 strategic plan.

From advancements to the team’s flagship product ACORN to the new cloud-based Curriculum Management (CM) system, NGSIS has many 2015 achievements under its belt. 2016 marks the first year of the 2016-2018 strategic plan that reflects the diversity and goals of the team and facilitates its ongoing success. There are many design, development, and experiential projects underway in 2016, which will enhance student life and better link staff, faculty, and students to information.

Take a peak at the evolution of UofT’s student services: