Information Technology Services (ITS)

New Project Dashboards

Published on: July 7, 2017

New Project DashboardThe ITS Project Management Office (ITS PMO) is pleased to announce that the Projects Dashboard, created using the Team Dynamix PPM tool, is now live on each ITS units’ website.

The dashboard lists all major ITS projects that are in progress and those that have recently been completed. Each listing has three key elements: what service is being improved, who is responsible for the project and the project’s overall status. The status section outlines the health of the project: is it running according to plan?

The dashboard is an important resource because it brings visibility into the ITS projects pipeline, and helps break down silos . This invites potential collaboration: if a unit outside of ITS is thinking about, or working on a similar project they can connect with ITS project leaders to learn and to collaborate.

In the near future, the dashboard will provide additional information, including timelines and new IT related project ideas that are currently in discussion.

Visit to view this exciting new tool.