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New courses drive culture of learning

Published on: November 25, 2020

Looking to merge onto the on-ramp to professional growth? Take advantage of the renewed Learning, Leadership & Culture (LLC) catalogue of courses, now linked to recognized University of Toronto Organizational Competencies. Move into the driver’s seat and hone your professional development skills while working remotely.

Log in to the LLC learning management system to browse new course offerings including:

Course Organizational Competency
Relationships, Collaboration & Partnerships Collaboration
Adapting to Change Innovation & Excellence
Communication Competence Collaboration
Effective Teamwork Collaboration
Connecting through Conversation Collaboration/Leadership
Navigating Conflict Collaboration
Burning Bright not Burning Out Self-Leadership
Building and Sustaining Trust Self-Leadership/People Leadership
Awkward Conversations Collaboration
Effective Decision Making Strategies Stewardship

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