Information Technology Services (ITS)

IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide

Published on: July 19, 2023

The IT@UofT Inclusivity Working Group has collaboratively developed the IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide with input from ITS staff and guidance from the University of Toronto People, Strategy, Equity and Culture (PSEC) offices. The goal of producing this guide is to raise awareness and encourage the use of inclusive language in our workplace.

An appendix to this document focuses on terminology that may be more commonly used by information technology professionals and is intended to be an opportunity for staff members within IT to learn more about inclusive language and communication.

The IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide is a living document, and contributions are always welcome. Your comments on this resource as well as other suggestions or questions you may have for the IT@UofT Inclusivity Working Group can be submitted at any time using the community feedback and input form.

Download the IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide (PDF)

Notebook with the word, inclusion written in it.

You have read the Inclusive Language Guide – now what?

Once you have read the IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide, you can contribute to creating a more inclusive work environment by:

  • Implementing inclusive language: Incorporate the inclusive language recommendations from the guide into your daily communications to promote respect and inclusivity.
  • Supporting ongoing development: Stay engaged with IT@UofT Inclusivity Working Group events (such as the Thursdays@3 sessions) and provide feedback and contribute to the continuous improvement of the Inclusive Language Guide and other resources and initiatives developed by the group.
  • Sharing the guide: Spread awareness by sharing the IT@UofT Inclusive Language Guide with your colleagues. Organize team meetings or use department communication channels to make the guide accessible to others.
  • Seeking further learning: Explore the learning and training opportunities offered by the University’s PSEC division and other resources to deepen your understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion.

By working collectively, we can foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone at IT@UofT. For more information about the IT@UofT Inclusivity Working Group, visit the SharePoint page or email