Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS Staff Awarded Multiple VPUO Awards

Published on: September 1, 2015

VPUO Awards2 015We are pleased to announce the recipients of the inaugural University Operations Staff Achievement Award from the Information Technology Services Portfolio. The annual University Operations Staff Achievement Awards Program has been introduced to recognize exceptional staff contributions to the success of the unit, the portfolio and the University. The program provides another opportunity to thank staff across the Vice-President University Operations portfolio for the valuable work performed throughout the year.

ITS portfolio staff were recognized for their contributions under the following categories:

Outstanding Individual Employee Award

John Calvin, Manager, Data Centres, EIS, ITS
Richard Cheng, Network Design & Implementation Specialist, EIS, ITS
Allan Stojanovic, Information Security Architect, ISEA, ITS

Distinguished Service Award

Christina Tsang, Information Technology Analyst, EASI, ITS

Outstanding Staff Team Award

Lamp Server Compromise Response team

David Auclair, Information Security Architect, ISEA, ITS
Allan Stojanovic, Information Security Architect, ISEA, ITS
Joe Bate, Information Security Architect, ISEA, ITS
Joseph Lam, Network Administrator, EIS, ITS
Peter Cheung, Manager, Projects & Development, ACT, ITS
Donny Wong, Web Developer, ACT, ITS
Elana Zatzman, Project & Development, ACT, ITS
Jeremy Graham, Senior Manager, Operations, ACT, ITS
Gord Russell, Supervisor, Windows Institution Server Support Team, EIS, ITS
Alex Nishri, Manager, Systems Operations, EIS, ITS
Michael Simms, Network UNIX Systems Programmer, EIS, ITS
Ted Sikorski, Manager, Systems Support, EIS, ITS

Learning Technologies Interoperability team

Marco Di Vittorio, Application Administration Manager, Operations, ACT, ITS
Ahalya Rajkumar, Application and Database Developer, Projects & Development, ACT, ITS
Ryan Green, Operations, ACT, ITS
Sue McGlashan, Information Security Architect, ISEA, ITS
Ashley Langille, Client Support, ISEA, ITS

Virtual Machine Automation Tools team

Evgueni Martynov, Enterprise Visualization & Storage Specialist, EIS, ITS
Vladimir Vinogradov,Enterprise Visualization & Storage Specialist, EIS, ITS
Jae Chung, Manager, Servers, Storage & Virtualization, EIS, ITS
Paul Kern, Enterprise Visualization & Storage Specialist, EIS, ITS

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