Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS and iSchool: working together to improve services and recover space

Published on: July 27, 2018

photo of iSchool

For three years, the Faculty of Information (iSchool) has been searching for a new approach to an increasingly costly issue: how to host and manage iSchool’s information.

Fortunately, the solution took much less time: in under two weeks, iSchool moved away from in-house servers to virtual services and strategic hosting with help from the client support services team in Information Technology Services (ITS).

How it happened

In May 2018, the Faculty of Information reached out to Ivan Sestak, Senior Manager, Client Support Services (ITS). Reflecting on iSchool’s in-house setup Ivan Sestak stated,

“The Faculty of Information had been hosting everything in-house on a combination of virtualized and physical infrastructure of varying vintage. The iSchool’s enrolment management system, continuing education database, practicum information, backup and other core services were hosted on aging servers.”

The plan

Working closely with the Faculty of Information IT team and faculty leadership, the client support services team developed and implemented a plan that included migrating the faculty’s data and services through a strategic hosting initiative to a combination of virtual infrastructure hosted in the ITS data centre and other services moved to vendor supported cloud platforms.

Within 10 days, the team completed the migration and removed unneeded hardware.

The result

The iSchool websites are now more secure and easier to maintain, backups are no longer an issue and the faculty was able to retire its server room: freeing up space, reducing energy usage and saving on costs.