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Enhanced ESS Coming Soon!

Published on: September 25, 2015

Enhanced ESS Coming Soon Take a Tour

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Human Resources & Equity (HR&E) is pleased to announce that they will be launching an enhanced Employee Self-Service this fall that makes access to current services easier, and also sets the foundation to allow HR&E to offer more services for all of employee groups in the future.

HR&E is continually looking at ways to improve their services, and one service that has needed an upgrade is the Employee Self-Service, an online tool that allows employees to login and view or print their pay statements, pension statements and T4 slips.

Over the next few weeks HR&E will be communicating with employees, managers and HR Offices to show the new ESS and allow an opportunity to ask questions.

For more information on the upcoming enhanced Employee Self-Service, please visit the ESS website or ask the team at