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Behold Course Finder

Published on: January 31, 2013

A new course lookup tool is set to greatly enhance the way students search for courses at U of T

by Alex Dault, NGSIS

Course Finder“Course Finder”, a web-based course calendar containing undergraduate course offerings for four university divisions, went live in mid-November 2012. The tool allows students to search through an all-inclusive record of courses that includes meeting time, section and prerequisite details. Students can search by subject, term, course code and even breadth & distribution requirements. Students have the ability to create a list of favorites of courses they have found and e-mail them to themselves, or share them with their peers over Facebook or Twitter.

A Next Generation Tool

“Course [Finder] is going to make the lives of so many students better. It really shows U of T’s dedication to improving convenience, by offering such a centralized tool.”  These are the words of Tony Ding, a first year Arts & Science student based out of Innis College. Tony recently had a chance to witness a short demonstration of Course Finder in a student focus group.  He was struck by the commitment to accessibility as well as what he described as a fresh and more organized user interface. He is very excited for the tools’ release.  Course Finder’s first release pulls information from four divisions for undergraduate courses, making cross division course search a breeze.

Big Impact

There is, of course, room to grow. Course Finder currently houses only undergraduate courses for four divisions (Arts & ScienceApplied Science & EngineeringUTM and UTSC).  It will be gradually expanded upon based on the feedback the development team receives.  A simple, user-friendly search engine that organizes vast quantities of data. Course Finder, the University of Toronto’s official course lookup tool, will be released in mid-November of 2012.

Try it out here. 

Course Finder is part of the Accessible Campus Online Resource Network (ACORN) suite of student services.