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Be on alert – it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month

Published on: October 1, 2018

Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 2018

October is national Cyber Security Awareness Month and the Information Technology Services (ITS) division is spreading the word to the University of Toronto (U of T) community.

Students, staff and faculty are all invited to join in a number of activities that will help keep you, your data and the university secure.

Get involved through:

  • Articles, tip sheets and blogs on Security Matters
  • Surveys/polls to voice your opinion
  • Social media – including a creative contest!
  • “How to incorporate cyber awareness into every day” panel discussion* Oct. 10, noon to 1 p.m., Bahen Centre 1170
  • Fake Nerd Girl performance at Hart House – the story of one girl’s rise to superhero stardom in the face of unrelenting internet trolls

Our digital world is expanding at rapid speed and with this advancement comes increased concern of viruses, malware, phishing attempts and more. That’s why cyber security awareness must be built into our daily mindset and practices – not just right now, but year-round.

If you suspect a phishing attempt/malicious email contact us at:

*Submit your questions for the Oct. 10 panel discussion to:

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