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IT@UofT: update

May 15, 2020

ServiceNow tracking IT@UofT Strategic Plan Delivery-related projects

Started in April 2020, ITS staff began using ServiceNow’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool to track all projects, record milestones/targets, identify Strategic Plan initiatives and produce reports in a variety of ways. Learn more.

March 18, 2020

ITS all-managers meeting

On March 12, 2020, ITS directors, managers and project managers gathered to discuss departmental progress, updates and next steps with regards to the IT@UofT Strategic Plan. The goals of this meeting were to address the initiative identification process, discuss areas for improvement and explore managers’ roles in engaging their staff. Through interactive activities and discussion, these leaders shared ideas and information that will help all ITS teams continue to advance the pillars in the strategic plan in a unified manner.

Feb. 27, 2019

Exploring leadership development at U of T

Creating a culture of continuous learning and professional development is an important part of the IT@UofT Strategic Plan. In January, the 2020 Leadership Development Program was launched to highlight professional development opportunities as they relate to ITS Core Values and the strategic plan pillars. The courses included: The Art of Leadership for Women, Building Support for Successful Change Projects and LEADS 360 Degree Feedback Assessment. The offerings filled up quickly, but stay tuned for information on other courses coming soon.