Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Security Council working groups: call for members

The University of Toronto’s Information Security Council (ISC) is looking for new members for its five working groups.

These working groups have defined mandates that align with the goals of the ISC. Working group members convene regularly to enable their mandate and bring forth recommendations to the ISC for endorsement.

You are invited to apply for membership to one or more of these working groups by submitting the application form. We will select members from the list of applicants on December 10, 2021. The call for membership will remain open until working group members have been finalized.

Given below is the list of ISC working groups and their overarching mandate.

  • ISC Education & Awareness Working Group: Fosters communication and promotes awareness and education about information security with the goal of reducing the risk of unauthorized or malicious compromise of data and services.
  • ISC Research Working Group: Provides good practices and resource information to researchers regarding securing their data and equipment, and identifying resources to support secure data management in compliance with University, government, and funder requirements.
  • ISC Risk, Compliance, Metrics and Reporting (IRCMR) Working Group: Develops Information Security Risk Reporting Framework, tracks progress of remediation on risk items, and provides guidance on the Information Risk Assessment Process.
  • ISC Procedures, Standards and Guidelines Working Group: Develops standards, best practices and guidelines that the community can leverage to enhance our security posture.
  • ISC Incident Response Planning Working Group: Enables capabilities to prepare the University for potential security incidents. This includes periodically reviewing the Incident Response Plan, assessing capabilities to prevent, detect and respond to incidents, ensuring alignment with other University groups engaged in incident response, and conducting post-incident reviews.

For additional details, please visit the ISC page.


If you have questions about the ISC working group commitment load or scope, please contact:

Kalyani Khati

Associate Director, Information Security Strategic Initiatives