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A-Z list of all Information Technology Services available at U of T.

Tools and resources supporting academic activities in the classroom and beyond.

Resources for access to systems, password resets, anti-virus, encryption and security.

Information on available administrative applications and available support.

Resources for applications development and enterprise service architecture model.

E-mail, video/audio conferencing and other communication tools available at U of T.

Resources + support for acquisition, maintenance + disposal of hardware + software.

HelpDesks, Training and Support resources for all central IT services at U of T.

Resources and support for networking, wireless and remote access at U of T.

All policies and guidelines concerning Information Technology at U of T.

PMO resources for assessment, planning, governance and implementation of IT projects.

UT Business Intelligence Reporting

The UTBI data warehouse is a central repository of information for analytical and reporting needs at the University.  As a collection of data marts it holds information sourced from the various enterprise-wide applications, such as ROSI, HRIS, FIS, Research and DIS.   Each data mart focuses on a subject area (e.g. Human Resources) or specific business processes (e.g. Student Enrolment analysis) with the objective of answering one or more key business questions.
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Daily from 4:00 AM to Midnight
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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